Coaching involves getting as much information as possible in regards to current training methods and nutritional advice to help maximize your goals! Applying education and experience to his clients, Dave has helped many people, whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced, reach the fitness goals.

 Prices are extremely affordable and the knowledge you'll receive is priceless! Having trouble gaining muscle? Having trouble losing body-fat? Let Dave provide you with the customized program you need to be your best you! Stop wasting money on crazy training fad's and diets that never work. Let Dave put you on the fast track to success! 

       The mind is a very powerful tool. You have to believe in your goal to achieve it! Essentially, your mental attitude and approach to your training and diet are vital to your success.


       David Massucco is a professional personal trainer with over 40 years of experience. He has been a competitive lifetime natural bodybuilder for over 30 years. He has also been a judge for multiple prestigious bodybuilding contests. He has seen and judged some of the best physques in the world. Needless to say, he can get you to your goal!


  • Each training session is approximately 1 hour 

  • Customized weight training protocols ​​

  • Strength & Conditioning Coach 

  • Semi-Pro Football Player

  • Competition Posing Coach

  • Powerlifting Coach and Competitor 

  • Bodybuilding Coach and Competitor 

  • Cross Fit Trainers

  • Sports Trainer

"Consistency is key"- David Massucco

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